Thursday, September 22, 2005

AdSense Keyword Blocking

Aaron Wall puts AdSense keyword blocking on his wish list. I'd go a step further, what about blocking keywords in ad text too? The combination of both methods in conjunction with frequently updated advertiser black lists would allow search sites to filter out all the crap way more effective.


Monday, September 19, 2005

About Unwanted SEO/SEM Advertising

Contextual advertisements promoting submissions to '700,000 major search engines' surrounding an article on link development bother me. The site owner or Webmaster buying that amount of 'top 10 placements' for a whopping $39.99 will get banned for hardcore spamming across the boards minutes before 700k+ spam emails hit her/his inbox.

Competitive ad filters are the way to prevent search related sites from showing counterproductive ads. Compiling a list of unwanted ads and keeping it current is a lot of work. I thought it might be a good idea to share my AdSense black list. Those ads bring in a little beer money, but they misguide to spamming, or in the best case they don't really help with search engine placements.

Nick over at Threadwatch liked the idea and was the first site owner supporting the initiative by adding his blacklisted domains. I hope many more will follow, add their blacklisted AdSense destination sites here and get linked under supporters.

Thanks for listening

AdSense "White List"

If for some reason an advertiser made it on the black list by accident, please leave a comment here. Promotional comments are subject to immediate deletion. We will not publish a list of 'good SEO/SEM ads'.

Submit Crap Here

Please submit fishy SEO/SEM AdSense ads in the comments. If the products or services promoted are indeed questionable, the submission will make it on the black list.

Here is how to find out the destination URL without prohibited clicking of AdSense ads on the own site.

AdSense Black List

We consider ads leading to sites listed below not helpful on search related Web sites. Feel free to copy and paste this list into your Adsense Competitive Ad Filter settings. Subscribe to the feed to get alerted on updates.

[Last update 10/21/2005 by Nick]

Please note, that the predicate 'questionable/fishy/crap/... for search related sites' is a subjective judgement by the person adding a domain to the above list. The list is not meant to slander anyone's competition. A domain appearing in the list doesn't necessarily sell a scam, although some do. Having a sales pitch which might mislead a newbie qualifies for a listing. If one thinks a site doesn't belong here, or if a questionable service becomes reputable, please leave a comment here.